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The Local Government Association (LGA) General Assembly meets once a year and acts as the 'parliament' for local government. It is a key element of the LGA's member structure.

As a corporate member, the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority is entitled to appoint four representatives to the General Assembly, one of which is always the Chair to the Authority.  The Authority Chair is authorised by the Authority to exercise its corporate vote (on the election of LGA Chair, Vice-chairs and Deputy Chairs, and on questions of estimated expenditure and subscriptions) and one of four “service” votes (on issues of direct relevance to the Authority’s statutory duties and responsibilities).  The other three Authority appointees each exercise one of the remaining three “service” votes.

The Assembly meets annually, usually as part of the annual Local Government Association conference, with actual attendance by the Authority-appointed representatives being dependent upon the inclusion of fire and rescue related items in the matters to be discussed.

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